Rick Warren Endorses Steve Leder’s New Book – More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us

Rick Warren

Rabbi Steve Leder’s bestselling new book, ‘More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us’ (Hay House, November 2017), has found itself at or near the top of multiple bestseller lists, including having outpaced a number of spiritual/inspirational classics. And for good reason, according to Rick Warren, founding pastor at Saddleback Church, one of America’s most influential evangelical voices and a man who knows a thing or two about classics. Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ is one of the bestselling books of all time, at over 34 million copies sold.

More Beautiful Than Before is a treasure box of time-tested wisdom that can only come from years of experience in helping people face every kind of imaginable pain, loss, suffering and grief,” Warren says. “It’s clear, compassionate, and compelling. I loved reading this book and I love Steve Leder. Having led one of our nation’s largest congregations for 30 years and comforted so many who’ve suffered, he is the voice of experience…the wounded healer, who is both realistic and hopeful.”

I highly recommend this powerful book by my dear friend, Rabbi Steve Leder. This is not a book of empty platitudes. Steve thought he understood pain and its challenges—but when it struck hard in his own life, a more profound understanding unfolded before him. (Rick Warren, Pastor and Author)

Twice-named by Newsweek Magazine as one of the ten most influential rabbis in America and the Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, Leder’s disarming relatability and concise, communicative style has gained the attention of not only Warren, but other influencers across the media landscape. In recent months, he has been a guest on CBS This Morning, CBS’ The Talk, NPR and PBS and Leder’s publicist confirmed that more network television is in the works. Leder has also been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and TIME Magazine.

It’s not just Leder that holds universal appeal, however. The book’s success to a large degree can be attributed to the subject matter, which he says is not only universal, but resonates deeply.

“The hundreds of powerful, heartfelt letters, emails and reviews I’ve received speak to the deep need we all have to understand our pain and use it to live a more authentic and meaningful life. Writing this book was a gift from my heart, an offering to help others survive, heal and grow when life hurts,” Leder says, ahead of the upcoming National Religious Broadcaster’s convention in Nashville, which he, along with Warren, will attend. “One thing my friend Rick Warren, I and all pastors know, is that life can hurt. To be human is to suffer. But we also know that in a profound and powerful way, we can all become more whole only after we’re broken.”

The winner of numerous awards and the subject of the documentary film Restoring Tomorrow, Leder is also the recipient of the Kovler Award for his work in interdenominational and cross-cultural dialogue and a fellow in the British American Project.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Leder studied at Trinity College Oxford and was ordained at Hebrew Union College. He is the the author of two other critically-acclaimed books, “The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things” and “More Money Than God: Living a Rich Life without Losing Your Soul.”

More information can be found at steveleder.com.

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