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Steve Leder on CBS This Morning with Gayle King

The Talk CBS Steve Leder

CBS The Talk with Sharon Osborne and Steve Leder discuss More Beautiful Than Before

How Suffering Transforms Us, Spiritual Advice From Rabbi Steven Leder

Aha! Moments

Steve and Shirin Yadegar, host of LA Mom Magazine, Discuss Responding to Pain

Aha! Moments

Steve speaks at an Aha Momment event, LA Country Club

Steve Leder discusses More Beautiful Than Before with Mallika Chopra

Steve Leder on The Dennis Prager Show discussing the Ultimate Issues on Suffering

“Rabbi Leder is everything we search for in a modern wise man; learned, kind, funny and non-judgmental. For those of us whose daily issues are those of family, love and loss, he offers remarkably healing guidance.”

Wendy Wasserstein, Playwright

I highly recommend this powerful book by my dear friend, Rabbi Steve Leder. This is not a book of heartless theory or empty platitudes. Instead, it is a treasure box of time-tested wisdom that can only come from years of experience in helping people. It is clear, compassionate, and compelling.

Dr. Rick Warren, Senior Pastor, Saddleback Church

Steve Leder on the Inspire Nation Radio Show with Michael Sandler

More Beautiful Than Before – Steven Leder interview by Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley Interview with Steve Leder

Rabbi Eric Walker Igniting a Nation

Out of the Box Radio Show with Christine

The Talk – Learning From Painful Events

Video Interview with Bloomer Boomer

Joan Herrmann – Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Restoring Tomorrow –  Featuring Steve Leder, Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Restoring Tomorrow – Directed by Aaron Wolf – The Restoration of Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Restoring Tomorrow – Steve Leder on the Red Carpet

Restoring Tomorrow – Red Carpet Interview with Director Aaron Wolf

Restoring Tomorrow – Guidepost Interview with Director Aaron Wolf

The Aspen Institute Idea’s Festival – Discussions About Religeon and Culture

The Aspen Institute – How does religeon sustain us?

Steve Leder Discusses the Pro’s and Con’s of Government Oversight

The Aspen Institute – Consumerist Approach to Religeon

The Aspen Institute – Consumerist Approach to Religeon

Wilshire Boulevard Temple

St. Paul Jewish Federation – “You Matter: Threats & Opportunities in the Jewish Community”.

Wilshire Boulevard Temple Kol Nidre Service – October 29, 2017

 Reach out to the people you love and who love you. Tell them. Trust them. They will hold your hand and raise you from your suffering.